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Congrats to Us!

The Harbor Elevation

On January 25th, 2011, the Gloucester City Council voted 8 to 0 to appropriate $25,000 from the Community Preservation Act funds (through the Community Preservation Committee) to provide professional conservation care for the remaining windows not yet completed at the house.  This means that we can match the CPA money with the Save America’s Treasures funds already secured and create a $50,000 project!  The money will go towards the final phase of window work at the house.  Approximately 200 windows have already been conserved… only 49 more to go!

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Roof Complete!

It is both exciting and sad to say that a project is complete– but after six months, 200 squares of wood shingles, 10 copper roofs, and six brick chimneys the roof work at Beauport is finally complete.  And what a winter to test it!  But don’t worry… there is still more to come.  The projects outlined in 2011 include more window conservation (of course!), structural masonry work, and landscape repairs to the east gardens.  Stay tuned!

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