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Closed- But Not For Us!

The house might be closed for tours during the winter but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any activity there.  Unfortunately, some of the activity can be a little unwanted…  

The house is constantly monitored for various issues from moisture infiltration and crack monitoring  to pest infestation.  Due to the size of the house and grounds, most off-season walk throughs can take between 2 and 3 hours.

The exterior is monitored for fallen branches or trees, vermin activity, cracked windows, stone wall deterioration or displacement, and snow accumulation.  Monitoring the areas that seem to get the bulk of moisture helps us form better conservation and maintenance planning for the building.  And it is not only the roof that piles on the snow, due to the location of the house on the Gloucester Harbor, the wind can lead to significant snow drifting at the ground level.

On the interior, rooms that have either suffered from leaks previously or are currently suffering from leaks are monitored and assessed for continued damage.  Leaking from the roof due to improper or deteriorated flashing continues to plague the building.  These leaks will be addressed this summer during an intensive roof replacement and chimney repair project at the site.  This work is partially funded by a Save America’s Treasures grant through the Department of the Interior. 

Significant cracks are also monitored at the site.  Although cracking is a normal occurrence as the house settles, any changes in the cracks can be an indication of serious structural issues.  Also, major projects, like a roof replacement, can upset cracks or displace deteriorated framing.  Therefore, significant cracks and any new cracks will be closely monitored during the work.   

Leaks are not the only problems on the interior; pests are another issue and can seriously damage the interior collections of the site.  Beauport has had its fair share of pests from bats, squirrels, and mice to powderpost beetles, silverfish, and spiders.  But that is for another post…


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