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Purple House?

No, actually that’s just the primer.  But the house will be a different color… or at least a different color than the present one.  The side wall repainting is one of the last pieces to the large, three year restoration project at Beauport.

Historical research indicated that the house was stained a much darker color.  Originally oil stains would have been used but over time the oil stains would bleach out and fade from ultra violet light.  When touch up painting was required, the faded color would be matched instead of the original color– leaving the shingles a much lighter and pinkish color over the years.

Paint analysis has been very important throughout the restoration project at the house–windows that are completely removed for conservation have paint analysis performed on the interior paint colors and the exterior trim was analyzed several years ago indicating a much darker brown than the purple color the house trim was routinely painted.  Knowing that the side wall was coated with a different color, the team removed shingles for analysis.


Two side wall shingles were removed– one located in an exposed area of the house and one hidden behind a roof line that was altered in 1954.  Paint analysis was done by Brian Powell from Building Conservation Associates.  Underneath several layers of stain was a much darker brown, which is considered to be the original color.

 So here you go- the new-or really the original color of Beauport!  Repainting is scheduled to be complete in August.


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Landscape Restoration In Process

Major work continues at Beauport this year– including landscape restoration of the east gardens, more window conservation work, and repainting of the side wall shingles to the historic color.

Here is just a sampling of what’s happening at the site:

Before work and during the landscape restoration

During landscape restoration work

Repainting the side wall shingles to the historic color


More windows!


Scaffolding installation for repainting and window work

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