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Tour Season Ending

The public tour season for Beauport is coming to a close–October 15 will be the last day for tours and then the house will be closed until June 1, 2010.  Even though the 2009 summer started off as a rainy one, many wonderful events took place on site, including Wine at Twilight, Afternoon Tea, Picnic By The Sea, and Nooks and Crannies Tour.  Several projects also took place this past year that  resulted in some interesting changes at the house.  Three of the most distinctive projects were the brick  terrace restoration, which revealed brick steps that were covered by a second owner in the early 40s (a more detailed post to come); the restoration of the historic landscape and planting beds; and a large scale wood window conservation project, which repaired and repainted over 130 sash at the house.  

But even though the season is coming to an end and the house will be winterized, more property-based projects are starting… upcoming projects include: wood shingle roof replacement, Belfry Tower restoration, masonry work at 6 chimneys, skylight repairs, and more landscape work. 

Stay tuned… more exciting work is still to come!     


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