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Sleeper Roof Discovered!

Originally Beauport’s roof was wood shingle.  In the 1940s, the roof was replaced with red asphalt shingles, which was more than likely done due to cost.   Historic New England replaced the roof again in the 1980s– going back to wood shingles and mimicking the random double course as indicated by historic images.  Unfortunately, there were no known documents indicating the original wood shingle used on the house.  Therefore, western red shingles were chosen.  Today, we followed our predecessors lead and specified western red cedar shingles for the current replacement.  

During the roof removal, however, the contractors discovered an area of sheathing that had rotted.  They cut out the section of rot, pulled away the boards and discovered another roof below the sheathing. 

This was not a total surprise to Historic New England, we knew that the room under this roof was a later addition by the second owners.  When Helena Woolworth McCann and Charles E.F. McCann purchased the house in 1935 following Sleeper’s death, they added a bathroom here to create a master suite.  In order to construct the bathroom, new rafters were placed directly onto the original Sleeper roof line and extended out to create the room– therefore encapsulating a portion of Sleeper’s original roof. 

A shingle was removed for analysis– it is thought to be Northern white cedar…


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