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Wallpaper Now A Plate

The beauty and charm of Beauport comes from many different things- whether you are interested in old wood paneling, pottery, porcelain, glass, or paintings- Beauport offers a distinct collection of beautiful and rare items on view.

But Henry Davis Sleeper, the master mind behind the house, was not only interested in the collection of pieces but also specific paint colors and beautiful wallpapers.  We’ve talked about his wallpaper before- in the jewel-like room of Strawberry Hill ( but this is the Belfry Chamber overlooking the front entrance.  The Belfry Chamber incorporates a steep ceiling that follows the distinct roof lines of the house.  Sleeper used a French botanical wallpaper which he cut and pasted in different arrangements to decorate the complicated room.    

And now you can own a piece of the room- through collaboration with Historic New England, Neptune 1 Studios has created a new collection, Décor Chinois, inspired by the Belfry Chamber.  The Décor Chinois collection includes seven new designs featuring details from this extraordinary wallpaper on decorative plates.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to Historic New England to continue our mission.


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Beauport Roof Project Announced

Notice for Bids

Historic New England requests proposals from qualified preservation firms for replacement of 200 square wood shingle roof, replacement and repairs to 10 small copper pan roofs, and repairs to six brick chimneys at Beauport (Gloucester, MA). Project is funded with assistance from the Save America’s Treasures administered by the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. Beauport is a National Historic Landmark. All work performed must meet the “Secretary of Interior’s Standards” as well as in accordance with the documents prepared by owner. Bid documents can be obtained by contacting Jodi Black at 617.997.5580 or

A required pre-bid meeting will be held on Thursday, March 18 at 10AM. Bids will be evaluated on price, previous experience, schedule, & references.  Bids will be accepted until Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 4:00PM.

State Law prohibits discrimination.

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