Harborside Windows Underway

The repairs are underway at the windows located on the harbor side of the building.  Recently, Heartwood Window Restoration removed five windows on the harbor for full conservation.  Most importantly, the Master Mariner’s window–a beautiful Moorish-inspired window on the second floor.

Beauport has a vast number of rooms, mostly based on literary and historical themes.  The Master Mariner’s Room is predominated by a nautical theme shown with objects including sextants, telescopes, compasses, charts and ship’s logs, scrimshaw and other items associated with voyages to faraway ports.  The room’s name alludes to the master mariners of the past, as well as to a professional association of fishing captains, the Gloucester Master Mariners Association, whose members were often entertained there.  

Due to the location of the windows, exterior work is extremely difficult.  The rocky ledge does not allow safe placement of a ladder to reach the second floor and the roof is exceptionally steep above.  The only access is through some sort of scaffolding system— so, taking advantage of the scaffolding in place for the roof replacement project, the team sprung into action.  

 The windows were carefully removed and protected for transportation… then happily returned, fully conserved.

Existing Conditions


Conserved and Re-installed


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