Windows and More Windows

Thanks to the citizens of Gloucester through the Community Preservation Act, Beauport is the proud recipient of $25,000 to continue the much needed window conservation work at the house.

Beauport’s windows consist of wood sash units in varying operation—fixed, casement, and double hung.  The units include wood frames that are joined by a pinned corner mortise and tenon joint and wood muntins separating individual plate glass in diamond and rectangular patterns.  The house includes over 105 window openings with 249 sash units and 10 skylights. Since 2009, approximately 200 sash have been conserved.  The goal for this final phase is to address the remaining windows that include moderate deteriorated glazing and frames and sash that are accessible only by scaffolding on the harbor elevation.

To kick off the final phase, our own Carpentry Crew started the window conservation work late this winter by removing four windows from the Pine Kitchen.  

And Sleeper (the original owner) never disappoints–every time we enter the house, we find something new and exciting.  After years and years of the Pine Kitchen windows being painted shut–and thought to be fixed– the carpentry crew removed the sash and made an interesting discovery.  On either side of the sash and frames were hardware indicating that the windows were once operable.  Tension clips were used on windows that could not accommodate a weight pocket, or were not heavy enough to need one.  The sash would be clipped onto hardware that included a small spring, which would hold the window in place when opened.  The Pine Kitchen windows would have slid into the above wall cavity approximately 6 inches allowing air circulation at the bottom.  

Unfortunately, the hardware is badly rusted and currently not operable–but it is always fun to make a new discovery on how Sleeper used the space.


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  1. Good Luck to your window conservation work. 😀

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