Terrace Elevation Roof Nearly Complete!

With the daunting task of a 200 square (20,000 square foot) roof, one of the biggest questions was: Where do we start?!  Although the question may seem simple, the conditions of the site are complicated.  The Beauport museum is open to the public on Tuesday through Saturday from June 1 through October 15— pretty much in the middle of prime construction season– and we did not want to close the site at all during the work.  So, not only did the roofers have to deal with Historic New England staff but also 5000 summer visitors. 

Because of the work, most of the summer programs were pushed into August and September, therefore the crew took the opportunity during the months of June and July to begin with one of the most sensitive areas–the terrace (west) elevation.  Once this elevation was completed, the crew could move to the north side of the building away from the terraces during the events while also avoiding the front entrance on the east elevation where the tours begin.


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