Bishop’s Cap Chimney Repaired

The roof and masonry work is in full swing now.  It is exciting to see some work completed– especially with the pesky chimneys.  Beauport includes six decorative chimneys— all of which are experiencing leaks.  The masons have completed two of the six chimneys and are currently prepping two others for work.  This is the story of Bishop’s Cap Chimney– 

The Bishop’s Cap name comes from the fact that the cap takes on the appearance of a bishop’s hat.  It provides two flues for fireplaces located in the China Trade Room on the first floor and the Strawberry Hill Room on the second floor.  In order to understand the issues with this chimney a thorough investigation was conducted.  The interior spaces were inspected to see where and how the leaks were forming.  In one of the rooms next to this chimney a significant amount of plaster work has cracked and failed indicating severe moisture infiltration.  On the exterior, cracking can be seen in both the cap and the lead flashing.  The scope of work for repairs included– re-parging cap; spot repointing the base; and repairs to the lead flashing.   


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