Collection Protection

In anticipation of the rapidly approaching  roof work at the house, the Collections Team prepares the interior.  Beauport has very few attic spaces–most of the second floor rooms follow the natural roof lines of house.  This type of interior creates beautiful and dramatic ceilings and allowed Henry Davis Sleeper to experiment with wallpaper applications and interesting object placements.  Alternatively, this type of interior can be difficult during a roof replacement project. 

Roof work can cause significant vibrations that transfer into the house.  This can lead to falling dust and debris as well as the displacement of objects.  The objects in the house are as important as the much needed roof work, therefore the Collections Team is taking every precaution to minimize damage.  Large objects or objects not thoroughly secured were removed and placed into storage until the section of roof is complete.  Some objects were removed for complete conservation services.  Ceilings that had the potential to fail or allow falling debris–such as a cracked plaster ceiling– were sealed with plastic.  Other areas will be monitored during the work. 

Historic New England does not have any intension of closing the house during the work and we will try to minimize the impact in the rooms that will be affected in order to keep all tour rooms completely open and viewable.

You might see some plastic covering as you walk through, but it shouldn’t block your view of the ocean!


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