Strawberry Hill Room Windows Nearly Complete

strawberry-hill-room1Sleeper liked to compare Beauport to Strawberry Hill, a house created by the aristocratic collector and man of letters Horace Walpole in Twickenham, just outside of London.  Strawberry Hill was a fanciful concoction that started the architectural trend ‘Gothick’, in which contemporaries flocked to see.  So, of course, Sleeper created a Strawberry Hill Room within Beauport.

An article in the magazine ‘The House Beautiful’ in 1916 states that the paper in this room had been taken from the walls of Strawberry Hill.  This apocryphal story clings to the room, although the paper was actually made in England in 1907, the year construction began at Beauport.  The only visible link with Walpole’s Strawberry Hill is a catalogue of the sale of the contents of the house, dated 1842, which is placed causally on a desk. 

Sleeper used this room as his bedroom.  Its decorative scheme is yet another brilliant variation on his favorite mix of curly maple furniture, richly colored hooked rugs, and red accents contrasting with dark walls.



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